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Who We Are

Alpha Association of Colorado was chartered as an alumni organization in 1993 by the National Phi Beta Kappa Society in Washington, D.C. Since our founding, we have established a competitive scholarship program to help Colorado PBK initiates as they continue their studies in graduate school. The purpose of these scholarships is to encourage the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence. For more information on PBK Associations, their differences from Chapters, as well as a list of both within Colorado, please read PBK in Colorado.

Upcoming ΦΒΚ Events

Annual Picnic — Saturday, Aug. 20, 2022, 5 pm at Observatory Park


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What We Do

Headquartered in Denver, we hold meetings and sponsor intellectually stimulating programs and events such as lectures, discussion groups, and field trips. Please go to the Events page for recent activities.

Members: You can now pay your dues by credit card online via PayPal. Go to our Membership page to find out how.

Most activities are announced in newsletters or postcards that are sent to our members throughout the year, or by e-mail. Last-minute PBK Colorado program updates or changes will be posted on this website. Send e-mail questions or comments to board@pbkcolorado.org.

An overview of the Alpha Association’s history and activities since its founding in 1992 is available here.

Bylaws & Policies


The 2022 scholarship form is now available in the following formats:

MS Word file

PDF file

Applications are due by June 30, 2022.

2021 Winners: Joey Glick and Renée Blevins

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