Phi Beta Kappa in Colorado


The basic units of Phi Beta Kappa are the chapters. It is the chapters that elect and initiate new members to the Society. Currently chapters exist at 286 institutions of higher learning in the United States. A list of the chapters appears on the Society’s Web site.

Colorado Chapters

The following is a contact list for the four Colorado Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa.

Alpha Chapter – Chartered in 1904

University of Colorado at Boulder
Catherine Kunce, Secretary

Beta Chapter – Chartered in 1904

Colorado College
Dennis McEnnerney, Vice President

Gamma Chapter – Chartered in 1940

University of Denver
Chad Leahy, Secretary

Delta Chapter – Chartered in 1973

Colorado State University
Kathy Rickard, President


Since 1877, alumni groups of Phi Beta Kappa in communities and regions across the country have been organizing themselves into associations for social, cultural, and educational purposes. Similar to chapters, these local organizations foster friendship and learning; however, they differ from chapters in that they have no power to confer Phi Beta Kappa membership.

In order to continue their affiliation with the Society after graduation, new members are encouraged to make contact with the associations in the communities where they live. The Society’s website contains a directory with contact information for more than 50 associations.

Colorado Associations

Currently, there is only one Colorado Association of Phi Beta Kappa.

Alpha Association – Chartered in 1993

Headquartered in Denver, CO