Mentorship Agreement

Download the PDF application here to submit via email or physical mail.

Mentorship Agreement

The purpose of this Mentorship Agreement is to assist you in documenting mutually agreed upon goals and parameters that will serve as the foundation for your mentorship.1 Please note that completing this agreement and turning it into the Program Manager is necessary to start your mentorship.

(Examples: explore new career opportunities/ alternatives; learn about and utilize new skills for professional development; build personal leadership skills)
(Please note the ways you will communicate and hold meetings: in person, phone, video call, etc.)
(Please note how often you agree to meet, for how long, and who initiates setting up meetings.)
We agree that the duration of the mentorship will begin on the date on this document and last
for six months. We agree that at the end of the mentorship, we will review this agreement and
evaluate our progress.

We agree that in the event that either party finds the mentoring relationship unproductive and
requests that it be terminated, we agree to honor that individual’s decision without questions or
blame. In this event, we agree to use closure as a learning opportunity.

Printed full name will act as signature
Printed full name will act as signature
1 This is a non-binding and non-legally enforceable agreement.